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Solaris Funded Project

Solaris is proud to announce a long-term plan of funding to build a next generation exchange, txbit.io txbit.io will support all major cryptocurrencies, altcoins and digital assets (tokens). With a focus on modern stack of technologies our expert team are set to build a fast, secure, reliable, scalable and private exchange for the global crypto market.

The Goal

The aim is simple; remove unnecessary burden from the everyday trader, while ensuring the utmost security of every users funds. Exchanges are getting slower everyday, registrations open and close due to inability to cope with traffic, deposits and withdrawals get delayed. All of these problems are trivial, yet every exchange suffers from them.
At current level of competition it seems like exchanges should be thriving, but they succumb under pressure. Cryptocurrency exchanges currently make for multiple 100’s billion market, but we have found that even the largest of exchanges lack the technology and social framework needed to satisfy the constantly changing needs of their users.

Solaris Involvement

Solaris is directly funding the development cost of txbit.io from the development fund. Please take note, this does not affect other plans for Solaris highlighted in the Roadmap, instead we see it as an important stepping stone to making Solaris XLR an active and popular currency.

Solaris holders will greatly benefit from the launch of txbit for multiple reasons:

1. Masternode holders will be able to link their Masternodes to the txbit account which will grant them a percentage Exchange Trading Fees as dividends paid directly to the txbit account.
2. Users will be able to Stake their XLR on txbit and also receive a percentage of the Exchange Trading Fees as dividends paid directly to the txbit account.
3. Solaris XLR will be a Base Market paired against popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. As trade volume will increase for XLR, more pairings will be added to the market.
The exact details on dividend payments will be provided at a later date.
txbit.io exchange will be funded from the Solaris development fund, held in escrow by Dabs.The development of txbit.io exchange does not change any plans for Solaris and the core team is not changing course on any of the plans for 2018.

Periodic updates will be provided on a regular basis

Features and Innovations

  • Modern responsive HTML5 web interface
  • Secured with 2 factor authentication
  • Live streaming price information
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Ultra fast proprietary trading engine
  • Immediate deposits and withdrawals
  • Json REST API
  • Coin dice feature
  • Fast loading and searchable balance view
  • Multi language (EN / RU / CN)
  • Scalable native cloud stack
  • Secure cold/hot wallet implementation
  • Bitcoin / Ethereum / Solaris base markets
  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • Referral program
  • Active support team
  • New coins voting
  • Live chatting
  • TLS / SSL

      We are pleased to present to all of you our plans, in form of a roadmap and short summary, for the first half of 2018.
      Since being born in March 2017, Solaris has come leaps and bounds in terms of technology, community and support. We would like to thank all the supporters of Solaris, because none of the progress would be possible without continued belief that Solaris will succeed. It has been an incredible year, and it can only be attributed to you, the stakeholder. We are excited to take on 2018 with full force, continuing the momentum we have built over the previous quarter.

      Please note, we refrained from planning too far ahead, instead concentrating on the next 2 quarters. This will allow us to evaluate the true progress of our roadmap and make adjustments as needed. Without further adieu, we invite you to take a look at our roadmap for the following 2 quarters.