Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and advancement of technology. Its environmentally friendly consensus protocol and supporting masternode network establishes Solaris as a secure, decentralized, self-sustaining, and privacy-focused cryptocurrency with instant transactions for everyday use.



Based on the best features of Bitcoin, Pivx and ZeroCoin, Solaris is a unique, one of a kind token that utilizes industry best practices. Solaris allows easy integration with existing technologies and platforms.



We believe everyone deserves the choice of privacy, and we take that choice very seriously. Solaris utilizes the Zerocoin protocol, enabling completely anonymous and untraceable transactions should the user choose to do so.



Solaris uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which is an energy efficient method of securing the network and allows coin holders to participate and get rewarded for staking their coins.



Masternodes secure the network while providing essential functionality to Solaris such as locking transactions with SwiftTX and voting on budget funding. Masternode operators get rewarded for helping the network.


Fast & Scalable

Solaris Blockchain is optimized for fast transactions at a high capacity. Solaris users can instantaneously send XLR amongst themselves with ZERO confirmation wait time.



Solaris aims to be a widely used cryptocurrency via partnerships with online retailers and vendors, exchange, marketplace integrations and ease of use with instant transaction times.


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Download the latest wallet client for your platform of choice. The QT wallet includes all the basic functionality like receiving and sending XLR, but also advanced features such as minting and spending ZeroSolaris, running a masternode, and staking your Solaris coins.

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